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Lemi Shine Review - Dishwashing Cleaner PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jill   
Tuesday, 11 January 2011 21:20

I was sent a sample of Lemi Shine to review.lemi shine

We have well water and have always had a problem with hard water on our glasses and dishwasher. Not to mention I have never really thought of cleaning out the dishwasher and its internal parts. My usual cleaning is just a surface clean when I see food inside and a quick wipe of the door during my weekly kitchen appliance cleaning.

First thing I like is that it’s environmentally friendly, made with natural ingredients like fruit acids and citrus oils and does not contain phosphates.

Lemi Shine is simple to use. They first recommend emptying the dishwasher and filling the soap compartment with the powder cleaner. This will clean the internal workings of the dishwasher and help prevent all the hard water, lime, calcium and iron from building up and keeping your dishes from getting clean.  After cleaning and deodorizing your dishwasher from the hard water, you would load dishes as normal and fill half with your regular detergent and half Lemi Shine.

Lemi Shine can also we used to clean hard water stains on your: 

Coffee Pot
Toilet Bowl
Shower doors
Garbage Disposal
Water Fixtures

This is a great product for Natural household cleaning for those of us with Hard Water. Highly Recommended.

Request your Free Sample of Lemi Shine Here

Last Updated on Tuesday, 11 January 2011 21:51

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